Well honey, if you have any doubt whether you are a millennial or not, let me set the record straight. According to Michael Dimock, he states:

“Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018) will be considered a Millennial.”

You may ask: ‘what do these things have to do with me?’

If you said yes to any of these, and maybe wish there’s a way you could pick multiple …
It’s not a shock that all these expenses add up.

Think about it…

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Internet Data

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If you are the type of person on multiple social media platforms, you’ll want to know this.

The Unlimited Hero P78 plan with U Mobile offers unlimited data!! RM78 per month means hours of streaming, or browsing and you won’t have to worry about going over your plan.

Dining Out

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Local food like rice and noodles at food stalls or coffee shops range from RM4-10.

At mid-range restaurants, you can expect to pay RM20-40 for a meal.
A coffee from Starbucks costs an average of RM12-16.

Buying University Supplies

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Cost of books, stationery and printing should be around RM50-100 per month.

But it would depend on the course you have signed up for and the number and nature of projects in your course.

Catching Public Transport

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Students who stay on campus or near campus may not incur any cost of travelling to and from classes.

But for others who travel, it may cost them approximately RM80-150 per month.

Driving a Car

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When you drive a car, you have to pay for fuel so your vehicle can run, right?

  • RON95: RM2.20 per litre (Unchanged)
  • RON97: RM2.81 per litre (+ RM0.02)
  • Diesel : RM2.18 per litre (Unchanged)

Netflix Subscription

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As of this month, the new RM17/month plan makes Netflix more accessible in Malaysia.

Yet, if your whole family is on it, you might as well get the Premium plan, RM51/month. That supports four simultaneous streams in Ultra HD quality.

If shared among four users, it comes out to RM12.75/month per person.

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And I am sure there are plenty of things we millennials are guilty of, but I’d be here all day if I had to list all of them!

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